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Our goal is to empower all children of today to solve the big problems of tomorrow by making it FUN to learn about science, technology, math, and engineering!

Created by a team of Educators and award-winning Producers of 'Edutainment' (education + entertainment), with over 20 years of experience using creativity, humor, & curiosity to make STEM relatable, accessible and exciting for kids of all ages.

Children learning in class with the help of the Make Learning Fun Foundation
Children in science class with the help of the Make Learning Fun Foundation
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Our Organization

The Make Learning Fun Foundation (TMLFF) creates STEM and history-based media, curriculum, lessons, and learning opportunities that leverage fun and humor to make subjects more accessible. It is a 501(c)3 public charity and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

A girl student in science class with the help of the Make Learning Fun Foundation

Making Science Fun!

By putting games and humor first, TMLFF demystifies the S-word (Science) and instead introduces science as a world full of curiosity, wonder, and fun. TMLFF is founded on the principle that many of the problems facing us as a society can and will be solved by science. It is imperative that we ignite passion, curiosity, and a love for STEM in every child possible - not just those lucky enough to grow up in a STEM-friendly environment. 

A Global Project with Local Impact 

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Projects Anchor

Our Projects

Current and Upcoming

The Who Smarted? Logo

Who Smarted? Curriculum

The free Who Smarted? podcast has been downloaded nearly 10 million times since launching at the end of 2020. With three 15-minute episodes airing every week - Who Smarted? uses humor and games to inspire kids to be excited about science and history. Besides more than 60,000 homes and homeschools, the podcast is used in more than 3,000 classrooms, with more to come. TMLFF is developing NGSS/STEM-aligned curriculum and lesson plans to support educators and expand their ability to quickly make learning fun. This project includes a text-based curriculum, lesson plans, audio lessons, and short animated videos designed with the psychology of full engagement. We are especially focused on activating children in lower-income neighborhoods who often do not get the same opportunities and access to resources.

Brainchild Logo

Brainchild Curriculum

TMLFF maintains curriculum and lesson plans that are available for free for teachers of elementary and middle school. The curriculum is specifically designed to create entry points for students who don’t naturally engage with STEM material. It was developed by STEM consultants to align with the BRAINCHILD TV series (on Netflix), the first live-action science series hosted by a woman of color. The curriculum is available at and has been downloaded for use in over 65,000 classrooms, positively impacting over two million children.

GIRLSmart Initiative

The percentage of girls interested in science drops from 65% in fourth grade to less than 10% in ninth grade, and research shows this is largely due to young women being unable to connect STEM to their own lives. TMLFF is developing a program specifically designed to inspire young girls to have a lifelong love of science, engineering, math and technology. By connecting these topics to subjects and experiences that elementary-school age girls are already interested in, GIRLSmart helps young girls see how STEM is already in their lives and not something out of reach. GIRLSmart, created in conjunction with leading experts in pre-teen education for girls, aims to anchor STEM in girls' lives early on so a higher percentage will remain interested.

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The Team

Board of Directors

Headshot of Jerry Kolber, Chair of the Make Learning Fun Foundation
Jerry Kolber


Headshot of Adam Davis, President of the Make Learning Fun Foundation
Adam “Tex” Davis


Headshot of Barry Blumenfeld, Secretary of the Make Learning Fun Foundation
Barry Blumenfeld


Adv Board Anchor

Advisory Board

Headshot of Alan Eustace, Advisory Board Member for the Make Learning Fun Foundation
Alan Eustace
Headshot of Jane Poynter, Advisory Board Member for the Make Learning Fun Foundation
Jane Poynter
Mimi Valdes Headshot
Mimi Valdés
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A girl student making a robotic vehicle in science class with The Make Learning Fun Foundation
Two girl students in chemistry class with The Make Learning Fun Foundation
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